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Prior to setting up Kairos Marine, Mr Wong Nee Kong spent over 30 years learning the tools of the trade. Having acquired all of the experience required, Mr Wong started Kairos Marine with the primary objective of providing value added solutions to customers.


Since 31st October 1992, Kairos Marine has developed a reputation for using the best materials, hiring experienced engineers, and providing value-adding marine engineering services in the region. The focus was, and is still on exceeding customers’ expectations, not just meeting them.


Wong Nee Kong serves as Managing Director. Other than developing the strategy and direction for the company, Mr Wong manages the financial resources to continue to drive the business forward.

Chua Kim Seng serves as the Director responsible for sales and public relations. In that role, Mr Chua created and implemented Kairos Marine’s sales and marketing strategy and expanding opportunities for the company.

Ng Bak Kui serves as the Director, Human Resources, responsible for human resources and organisational development. Mr Ng’s key objective is to ensure the attraction, retention and development of Kairos Marine’s key assets – its employees. He is also the one responsible for overall execution of projects


To be the premier and #1 choice in the marine industry.